Meanwhlie I’m working with GIS for about ten years and have made a lot of experiences. So I would like to put some of my ideas, projects and maybe interesting thoughts in this blog.

When I write about commercial GIS products, I will write about GE Smallworld GIS (yet still version 3). That’s because I’m working with it on my job. Beside that I will write about free or open-source products like GRASS, Quantum GIS and Jump/OpenJump. In this context I have to write about databases like PostgreSQL/PostGIS and maybe some MySQL-stuff.

Surely there will be some writing about topics that don’t have to do with any of the above.

For I’m german, you will please excuse my errors and I hope you can get the sense of my posts. 😉
Don’t hesitate to write a comment. Your opinion is always welcome.

Important Note!

Talking that much about GE Smallworld GIS has nothing to do with some kind of advertisment and any profit for me, selling this product. I do not sell this product and I do not have any benefit from doing avdvertising. The same is with the other product.


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