Business GIS / Geomarketing

The term geomarketing is not really used in english language. They use the term business GIS. Both terms nearly mean the same but are nevertheless different. Geomarketing means customer-oriented marketing of any products. Business GIS includes even aspects that are relevant for production. The origin of both terms is also another: geomarketing is originally used by geographical oriented economists, business GIS is used in economic geography. The both meanings are slightly but obviously different. F. Schüssler defines the term geomarketing like this:

“‘geomarketing’ means the planning, coordination and controlling of custumer-oriented marketactivities with a GIS; so methods are used, which create, analyse and present the spatial relation of the examined information” (SCHÜSSLER 1997, translated into english by M. Blazejak, 2006)

Maybe it all began with maps at the wall, colored pins and some fibres. In this way they defined areas on the map which show e. g. the catchment area of companies and shops. By means of this method they could find raw areas very good and could turn their special attention to them. But the abilities of this method are pretty limited. External information could only be badly presented in the maps and has to be analysed, collected in listings.

With the still continuing fast development of computer hardware since the end of the 1970’ies and also enhanced software the gap could be filled faster and more efficient today. In the late 1970’ies the first research supported by the available technology in terms of geomarketing has been done in great britain.

To be adequate for geomarketing, a GIS has to have only rudimental cartographic functionality. More important are the functions to intersect spatial referenced information, trace functions and tools for interpolation. The following fields can be mentioned related to the implementation of geomarketing:

  • retail industry
    • specific advertising with an optimised catchment area
  • distribution
    • improvement and controlling of the field service
    • optimised franchising
  • media business (e. g. newspapers)
    • improvement of the local news and ads
    • specific controlling of the inserts

The advance of computer aided geomarketing with some kind of GIS is clear to see. Only by collecting and spatial referencing information you can efficiently create complex maps with combined information in a short time (visualisation). The available information growth constantly in quality and quantity. Costs of computer hardware doesn’t play an important role anymore, because a desktop-GIS can be run on a nearly every standard computer. Real costs are produced by software licenses and external information. Because of the short times for calculating analysis and intersections you can go and find the best solution out of a lot of possible attemps (trial-and-error).

So, if you have most of your information spatially referenced and don’t use a GIS-like-tool to analyse them, you give away more potential benefit than you know by now. You should check all your lists, to find all information related to your objects and analyse them. You will be one step ahead of your competing company. Don’t waste them! 😉


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  1. jesus Says:

    You can read my geomarketing blog to know more aplicattions and examples.

    The url is http\\

    It’s in Spanish but you can read it in English with the Google Tranlate tool in the blog.

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