About me …

Who I am?
Since the beginning of the 1970’ies they call me Matthias Blazejak. I come from Wanne-Eickel (officially it’s called Herne) in the Ruhrarea in Germany and I live their with my family.

My job(s)
At the beginning of the 1990’ies I studied surveying unfortunately without success. So I did my certified engineer in surveying and in parallel the certified engineer in information technology.
After a few month working as a surveyor I started working with GIS for my former company. At this time Smallworld GIS usually runs on UNIX-machines.
When I switched my job to one of the greatest real estate companies in germany and even europe, I was assigned to administrate the GIS system there. It was version 2.11 and based on Windows NT. By the end of 2005 my old company was for sale and I switch to another company when they asked me to do the same job for them. This decision was value in gold, because my old company decided to torn off the GIS and I would be fired. Today I’m in charge for the GIS system in the new company. That includes not just administration, but development and coordinating projects that need data out of GIS. Only programming is done by a service company which supports us with GIS.

Absolutely most of my leisure time I spend with my family. If you have kids and love them like I do, you should show it and not lock yourselfe up in you homeoffice until you go back to work. 🙂 Despite of that I find some time for my hobbies. My computers are more tools than a hobby for me. I do some programming in PHP/HTML with MySQL and PostgreSQL on different plattforms to present my selfmade music and photos (visit: http://www.blazejak.org). this programming has always something to do with maps and geospatial data. In the moment I’m building a GIS (based on PostGIS) which handles the information about the flowers, trees and vegetables  in my garden. Not really need it, but it’s fun …

This Blog ist not born by boredom. It was started to give you serious information about GIS and the other topics mentioned in the categories. Even if I welcome your comments it should not end up in a discussion forum. There are a lot of forums somewhere else in the internet. If someone likes to give a comment: o.k.! But I won’t discuss it here … maybe you can write me a personal email and we can talk about it then. 🙂


One Response to “About me …”

  1. Jeremy Stocks Says:

    Hi gruß aus Bayern. I used your mini tutorial to set up my PG GIS db of Munich.


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